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So I went to see my Neurologist yesterday.  I’ve had twelve infusions of my M.S. medicine and he wanted to look in on my progress.  So far, so good!  I do have one new legion in my brain, but it’s “small and unremarkable” according to my latest nap in the giant magnet sandwich bun (better known as the Open MRI).

I have to say, as reluctant as I was to start this course of treatment, it does help some.  I still experience many symptoms, but they haven’t grown much worse.  Can’t really ask for more since most M.S. therapy is like wearing a blindfold, spinning around in circles and releasing an arrow hoping you’ll hit somewhere… anywhere near the target.

I have been feeling pretty good lately.  That is until I shaved yesterday.  I don’t use a razor anymore because my hands shouldn’t really be entrusted with anything that sharp close so my neck.  I use an electric shaver to clean up what little actually grows on top of my head and once I finish that, I adjust the guide and trim my face.  During the colder months (like Beardvember and Decembeard) I grow facial hair to stay a bit warmer.  While I trimmed my moustache area, my hand spasmed, pushed the guide in too close and removed all the hair above the right half of my upper lip.

I looked in the mirror and (obviously) uttered a number of expletives that you could probably still hear were you to travel to the greater North Western corridor of Rhode Island.  Fortunately the boys were preoccupied watching a movie and didn’t react.  I thought about leaving my face alone, but half a moustache just wasn’t the look I was truly going for.  So with much frustration, I shaved the left half off too.

Now I look Amish.

The Only Amish Jew Drummer Author Stay At Home Dad in Rhode Island.  Not too many folks can claim that mouthful of a title!  I may even have to change my Facebook profile (NOT!)  Though the top of my head remains barren as the surface of the moon, I do have the ability to grow facial hair relatively quickly.  In a few days the follicles should bloom, popping forth like leaves in springtime.

So make fun while you can.  Take a stab at my expense.  Swing away with no fear of retaliation!  I’d love to hear what you all think of my recent predicament.



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3 responses to “T.O.A.J.D.A.S.A.H.D.I.R.I.

  1. Steve ⋅

    Thou lookest pretty cool, Brother Alex. Our hearts are gladdened to hear that thou feelest better.
    Thy Mother and Father

  2. so shave it off and start over. you definitely look amish.

  3. and glad you’re feeling good bro. keep writing great music too not just blogs. When the F&CK is 10 to 1 going to be on Spotify?

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