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Exultant Leap Day!


What do we do with an extra day?  What does an “extra day” actually mean?  Do we even notice that it’s here?  It doesn’t feel any different to me.  Music doesn’t sound any better.  I’m satill watching the snow create its cold white sheet on top of the greenish brownish lawn.  My hands are still freezing.  I still have to take the dog out for a walk so she can do her thing.  Still, it is kinda cool right?

We should celebrate!  Leap Day should be a national holiday.  We get drunk and dress like leprechauns for St. Patrick’s Day.  We hunt for painted hard boiled eggs and buy up all the rabbits in the pet shops for Easter.  We have all these fancy holidays for other interesting reasons, so it would stand to reason that we get to party on our extra day.  Am I right or am I right?

Everyone comes together in the center of town.  We form a gigantic circle holding hands around a green pile of one thousand frogs.  We press play on the i’sPod (at the properly synchronized moment of course) and everyone sings along to Van Halen’s “Jump”.  Every time Diamond Dave says the word, we all leap into the air as high as we can!  Whoever lands last has to take a shot of Goldschlager and French kiss the nearest toad.

I dunno.  Sounds like a grand ol’ time to me anyway.

Most holidays are weird.  We take days off work in remembrance of dead presidents or the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives to keep this country free.  How do we pay tribute to them?  We barbeque meats and drink alcohol.  Makes their memories so proud I bet.  Or we enjoy festivities in tribute to people who skipped around town enchanting all the snakes with his palpably pleasant floutistry.  We commemorate wars, ghosts and even a zombie.  Yeah, I said it.  A zombie.

If we can observe those, why can’t we take a day off to rejoice in the extra twenty-four hours that comes once every four years?  I don’t think the economy will collapse from that.  Maybe we just haven’t found the proper way to market it yet.  I mean Hallmark and Jared have the whole Valentine’s Day thing cornered.  What if Nike or Addidas took on Leap Day?

Imagine this:  You see a picture of a small boy flying high in the air.  Ball in hand, ready to slam the sphere into the hoop.  On his feet there is a pair of untied, bright fluorescent purple high top sneakers floating above the outstretched hands of a court of kangaroos.  At the bottom of the photograph in bold lettering are the words, “Lift Off on Leap Day With Nike.”  Could work.

Trampoline and pogo stick sales would go through the roof!  Bungee jump companies would make their yearly nut in one day.  Skydiving, Jump Ropes, Base Jumping, Pole Vaulting, Diving Boards…we could end the recession today!  Just a thought.

And how should we address each other on Leap Day?  We say “Merry Christmas” in America, but the British use the phrase “Happy Christmas”.  We can’t use “Lucky Leap Day” because that would be too confusing with St. Patrick’s Day.  “Happy” is over used for this rare an occasion if you ask me.  We need something that Jumps out in the greeting.  Something that embraces the fantastical feeling of being in flight.  Here it is… wait for it… Bounding Leap Day!  No.  That just plain sucks.  Bouncing?  Rise Up?  Nah.  That sounds too Rage Against The Machine-ish even for me.    How about Exultant Leap Day?  That’s kinda nice.  I like it.  Have an Exultant Leap Day George!  Works for me.

Have An Exultant Leap Day Everyone!

So what are you doing to Exult in this fine Leap Day?  Me, I’m gonna go do some Jumping Jacks!


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One response to “Exultant Leap Day!

  1. Sorry, I cant write I am leaping.

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