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…but it pours


We went for brunch with my in-laws for Father’s Day today.  The first place we went warned that some tables were still waiting for food after ninety minutes because the kitchen was so backed up.  After a short discussion persuading the kids that fast food was not the way to go, we chose a Chinese place a few miles down the road.  Turned out to be a really good choice.  The kids had a good time, got gumballs from the machine after the meal and we all stretched out our belts an extra hole on the massive amounts of good food. 

Shortly after we got home, there I sat food drunk on the couch, when our neighbors knocked on the door inviting us over for their annual Father’s Day Clam Boil.  After smelling the air wafting in through the open windows, we decided to roll ourselves up the next pedestal of the world eating competition and went for it.  Clam Boils aren’t something that I grew up being used to back in L.A., and these Rhode Islander’s don’t skimp on the meal in any way.  Fresh clams, corn on the cob, potatoes, sausage, chorizo and butter (oh the butter!) all simmered together in a ginormous pot for hours until just right.  Add to that the fresh bread for broth dipping, slaw, salads, brownies, cupcakes, cake, soda, beer, hot dogs and hamburgers… so tasty. I’m paying for it now of course, but damn my neighbor can cook! 

So here I sit (in my sweatpants) trying to put my body in a position not too intensely uncomfortable to type and not complaining at all.  Well, maybe a little, but it’s been a good weekend.  Spent some quality family time, hung out with friends, ate some good food and my book came out.  Not too shabby at all I’d say.

Talk to you guys after the antacids kick in!


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