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those things…


What a way to start the week! 

This morning my oldest son sang with his class for the end of the school year.  It’s strange hearing all of these kids sing along with artists that I grew up loving so much.  I feel so sentimental.  Everything is all mush inside, in a good way of course.

When we got home I flipped on the computer with him and we sang along with some more songs together.  When he got tired of Dad hangin’ around too much I got to spakling some holes in the walls from nails.  I turned on the t.v. and “The Princess Bride” was on.  Could it be more sentimental?

I’m promoting my disturbing and nightmare inducing new book.  It crawled from deep recesses in my darkest places.  Black guy liner, trench coats and doc martins dude is where I should be.  Right?  Instead I’m box of tissue, prince storming the castle to save the beautiful princess, proud of my kids growing up dad. 

Maybe that’s why I write the things I do.  They’re definitely a part of me.  I think they’re a part of all of us.  The things that make us pull the covers over our heads at night.  The shapes we see in the black shadows out of the corner of our eyes.  The proverbial things that go bump in the night. 

We love those things.  I love those things.  Those things help us feel safe.  Those things make us hold our dreams and desires closer.  Those things help us find our need to protect.  Those things build up our armor.  We need those things to be terrifying enough to find the courage to open ourselves to the things we love. 

Those things that creak across the window on a stormy night send us flying with primal urgency to the cradle to check on our children, our dreams, our loves.  Those things are in all of us.  We are those things…sometimes more often than we’d like to admit.

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