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We arrived at our new house today, boxes in hand and screwdriver at the ready to build the kids beds. I wasn’t expecting a present waiting on the front steps. Yes indeed, the first case of my book “the Key to everything” is here!

It’s a very strange feeling. A mixture of elation, terror, pride, confusion (did I really write all those words?) and an overwhelming sensation of incompleteness. Because writing the damn thing wasn’t enough, now I’ve got to convince people they want to read it. Now is when the work really starts!

I know the ebook has been out for a few weeks, but there is something different about the feel of real paper in your hands. The smell of binding. The way the glossy cover reflects the light from the ceiling. Placing the book up on the shelf between other well worn tomes by authors I deeply respect and admire and staring at it. Just staring.

It’s a fantastic feeling. I intend to savor it until at least tomorrow when the pitching continues. Screw that! Here’s a pitch right now!

Go get “the Key to everything” at:







Time to crack open a cold one and read a few pages!

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2 responses to “Theeeeeeeey’re Heeeeeere!

  1. How awesome is this! Congrats Alex. BTW this is Ben Winegarner from the Brooktrope and Friends Lounge and Laboratory. My pen name is Benjamin Cain.

  2. KICK ARSE, doodles!!! What an AWESOME package/greeting to see on your new doorstep 🙂 Can’t wait to freak on this… Got my THE KEY TO EVERYTHING hard copy too–and it smeelllllls loooovely! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

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