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the off-ternet world

Finally we’re in our new place. (And the crowd goes ambivalent.)

Every muscle hurts. Every bone is sore. And I wasn’t even able to do any of the heavy lifting! It’s been a nutty few weeks. We shifted all the boxes from the old place to the new. Sat down on the couch for a greater and then my sister showed up from California with my nephew. We knew they were coming, and it really was a fantastic visit. We went to the lake for the 4th and then to Boston yesterday. The kids loved spending time together and I realized once again how much I miss my big sister. Our visits are too few and too far apart.

However, now I have to figure out how I’m going to get my life reorganized and moving forward again. This disaster zone featured below, is my somehow-to-be-office. YAY!


Needless to say, I am finding the process subterrific. I’ll get there eventually. For now, I am eternally grateful my son has this iPad I can borrow when he is watching t.v. Those few days I spent in the off-ternet world were surreal and frustrating. Our cable/phone/Internet provider decided to forget to show up the first two days of our move, then made us wait for the weekend plus an extra day before they deigned to arrive and provide us with their sub par connections. Less than pleased could be a polite way to describe my feeling on the subject.

This unchosen time unplugged did give me an interesting vantage point on our culture’s move toward a more technological work and social lifestyle however. I wasn’t able to Facebook or twit or blog or email or yahoo or google or youtube or even yahoo. For the first few hours it felt refreshing. No buzz or hum behind my eyes from the constancy of lighted screens burning into retinas. The sky seemed just a tiny bit bluer.

Then the itch showed up. My fingertips ached to press into plastic keys. My palms wondered why the sharp corners of wood weren’t pressing deep grooves into their bottoms. My neck ached to be straining in awkward positions to read words written by strange people in strange lands. To view photos of politicians and animals performing indecent acts together misquoting movies and lymrics.

I couldn’t call for help because we had no phone. I scratched. I paced. I stared at the piles of boxes willing them to be open and empty with everything in its right place. I felt an odd kinship with the junkies I used to see walking around Hollywood Boulevard willing to do almost anything for their next fix.

When the knock came on the door on Tuesday the adrenaline pumped through me. I threw the door open and all but kicked the poor tech up the stairs to set everything up for us. Of course it took him several hours because the folks back at the home office didn’t file our paperwork correctly. But he eventually did it and left after refusing the vodka tonic we offered him as thanks.

Now I’m back online trying to get caught up with the world feeling very put of touch with everything. Hopefully that will. Hangs soon and I’ll look at all the new cartoons making fun of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes breaking up without any sense of surprise. Until then, I’m going upstairs to cross my arms, twist my nose and blink those boxes open and empty.


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