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boxes reviews and short stories oh my!

ImageHere I am, still crawling out from under this ginormous pile of cardboard and packing tape.  The Internet service provider came by for the third time this week to get us up and running again yesterday (so far so good knockonwood!).  And now I’m sitting in the storage room that will hopefully one day become a comfortable place to work typing letters on a screen that might just allow me to post on line.?! (I’m not sure what my heart feels that last sentence requires at the end, so pick your favorite one and run with it)

I buried myself into the ones and zeroes yesterday to attempt a game of catch-up on everything in the virtual world of news/blogs/books/music/news/memes/and lol’s.  Apparently some guy named Tom and his much younger wife named Katy are breaking up?  Whew! If that’s all I missed I don’t feel so left out. 

Then I checked my email.  Apparently there are some things going on in the world of Alex that I’m pretty excited about!  Thought I’d share with you all in case you wanna know…

First is that the great folks over at FrontRowLit have given my book and myself some great space for pluggage.  Please stop by and take a look at

AND it just became official last night that Black Lantern Publishing is going to be featuring my short story “Josephine” in the August issue of their monthly magazine!  You can visit them at I will send out more information about the issue and how to get your eyes on a copy as the release date looms closer!

As of now, that’s all the news fit to blog for me.  Off to make lunch for the kids and walk the dog and do the dishes and make the beds and take a nap and (maybe) do some writing…


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