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summer school, hotness in motion, making friends and other exploding things

Here we are smack dang in the middle of the coldest summer in history where the global warming doubters are being proven so… completely…correct? Anyway! I’m sitting on the couch watching a dvr’d episode of Wipeout with my youngest while my oldest is at summer school. Why am I not upstairs writing you ask? Well, it might be that the only room in the new place without any a/c is, you guessed it, my new office. It’s a cool and comfy gozillion degrees in there. I have a fan blowing, but hot air pushed around by swirling blades of plastic is still…hot air that’s…moving.

In our last episode I complained about our lack of good quality Internet service. What? Me? Complain? I know, I know it’s crazy talk. Well, there has been some progress. Yes. After four visits by four different techs, we seem to have made the astonishing discovery that the problem is not actually on our end. Madness! Anarchy! Explosions, guns, knives, bullets and other violent things. Everything seems to be working okay now (knockonwood) with brief moments of interruption here and there. Better than before most certainly!

After my family goes to bed at night, to stay cool I’ve been “borrowing” my son’s Netbook to do my writing. I’ll sit at the dining room table in front of the window unit and punch the keys until my eyes blur over. I’m making slow but steady progress on one idea I’m pretty excited about. It might actually turn into another book length project. I’ll have to see where it takes me as I go. Cross your fingers!

Yesterday we went to Oakland Beach. No, not the one in California. It’s here in R.I. Beaches on the Atlantic side are so different than where I grew up. In L.A. the water was cold and because of the terrain, the underwater shelf was steep and close to the shore. Here, we went walking out for what seemed like forever and our feet never left the bottom. It felt like we were wading in a heated pool! I highly recommend it. The kids had a blast.

Also, people on the beach out here are friendly. Another concept I need to get used to. Nice people who say hello and talk to you. And yes, even without my shirt on! Without a six pack and resembling nothing remotely close to an underwear model, people entered into conversation with me. An altogether not completely uncomfortable human interaction. I must study this further!

And now I must away back into the world of promoting!

Speaking of which…
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