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Dear Diary: October 1, 2012 5:12PM


Went to the doctor today for a follow up on the sleep study I did a few months ago. Another day spent waiting for the doctor to show up while she charges me a crap load of money to tell me things I already know.  I sat in the exam room for an hour. Waiting. When she finally showed up, she hadn’t even read my chart yet. Yay.

I just remembered something weird. Before the doctor came in, the nurse came to check on me and was acting really odd. She asked me a few questions about how I was feeling and then her eyes glazed over focusing in two different places at once. She swayed to the left and mumbled a few unintelligible sounds before she bumped into the wall of the exam room. Watching her try to get through the door, she moved very stiff and forced like a robot. Her whole body jerked making her cat’s eye glasses fall to the floor. If the receptionist didn’t grab her by the waist I’m sure she’d have fallen down. I’m guessing they sent her home, but I couldn’t hear much after they closed the door.

I go see my other doctor on Friday and then a Sleep Study again on Monday. Fun Fun Fun!!!  More tomorrow…



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