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Dear Diary October 2, 2012



I took Ambien for the first time last night. After all the stories of sleep cooking and driving, I was kind of hoping for something crazy to happen. Unfortunately all I got was a goon night’s sleep. I definitely needed it too. Rest seems to run away from me whenever I close my eyes these days. Either my head wont stop buzzing about this and that and this again or my apnea seizes my chest and wakes me up gasping for breath. So there’s that.


I heeded the warnings from my friends to stay off-line after taking the pill and watched some of the Bears game on TV. After we won (BEAR DOWN!) I watched a little bit of the news just to make sure the world wasn’t planning on blowing up during the night. Yeah, I’m paranoid like that. With everything going on in the Middle East these days, can you blame me?


Most of the stories were about the elections coming up next month with a boatload of commercials where “He stole from the voters.” and “She lied!” quotes floated around the screen over black and white images of politicians frozen in awkward unattractive poses. I don’t know the records of any of the local candidates, but I don’t think I can allow myself to be sucked into any of these smear campaigns.


There was one odd story I vaguely remember. I’m not sure if this really happened or it’s my first experience with an Ambien trip. Apparently this old Scituate farmer went into his field yesterday and found an enormous beehive stuck to one of his trees. Not that finding a beehive is an oddity in and of itself, but the kind of bees the newscaster described that pricked up my ears. These are what she called “Zombie Bees.”  I’m not exactly sure what she meant by that, but I do know it can’t be good.  Any kind of animal described as a “Zombie” does not bode well in my opinion.


Has anybody else ever heard about these things or was I just trippin’ balls?


Until tomorrow…


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