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!!!Hooray for Halloween Contest!!!



Welcome to the very first

the Key to everything

Hooray for Halloween contest!


The rules are very simple.  Tell us the creepiest, scariest, most freakiestest thing that’s ever happened to you. Something you can’t explain no matter how hard you try.

Scare our socks off! 

Give us nightmares!

Whoever writes in the story that blows our judges minds the most, wins!

What do you win?

First prize

  • One signed copy of the Key to everything
  • One possessed squirrel  (Don’t worry. It’s made of yarn. It wont hurt you or anything. We hope!)
  • AND you get to be a character in my next book! Pretty cool huh? Forever immortalized as ink on a page and bytes on the screen. I can’t guarantee you’ll end up being the hero/heroine of the story but you will get bragging rights with all your friends. No one else will get to be as cool as you dude!

 Second prize

  • One signed copy of the Key to everything


How do I enter you ask?  Well, I’ve got an answer for that too!

Starting Today 10/4 through Friday 10/26

Send in your terrifyingly true tale to

We’ll read through all the entries and post the finalists right here on this very blog

On Halloween!


It’s better than getting rock candy from Grandma’s House!


Imageclick on the cover to get your copy of the Key to everything

Buy “the Key to everything” at:

Twitter/tag: #twodoggarage

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