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1:15PM October 6, 2012


I’m not being paranoid!

There were more of them. So many that the entire surface of the trampoline was nearly covered. Pretty much the opposite of what you think I should do, I ran outside. Without my shoes on no less. I turned on the hose and sprayed the carcasses off the trampoline. Then I turned around and saw the beehive clinging to the wall just above my window. I switched the nozzle to high until the strangely familiar shape fell to the ground with a deep, hollow thud.

A few bees drunkenly crawled out of the shattered honeycombs followed closely by their woozy queen. I redirected the stream at her distended body until the ground beneath flooded and her lifeless carcass floated belly up on the surface.

 I dropped the hose and ran into the basement. Fortunately the bleach was on the shelf next to the door because I was in no mood for searching. My skin crawled and my heart raced so fast I thought I was about to have a heart attack.

The puddle bubbled a bit when I added the bleach leaving an almost pretty, grease-like rainbow on the surface. I made my way around the yard splashing as much as I could over the grass, not caring if it would turn everything brown. I noticed a few grains of brown rice left on the trampoline, so I poured more bleach over them as well. When I was sure I’d drowned every last one, I put the bleach back in the basement and went back inside.

Oddly I didn’t feel hungry for lunch anymore.






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