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2:37PM October 6, 2012


Instead of freaking out, I sat at the computer trying to force myself to work. If I still wrote on paper, there would be been a pile of crumpled balls surrounding my garbage pail in the corner. I put on some music, too distracting. I turned off the music, that didn’t help either. I closed my eyes and did some deep breathing exercises. Slow. Calm. Relaxed. I felt better. The screens flashing cursor lost some of its intimidating quality.

My fingers moved closer to the keys…


I jumped in my seat.

BANG. Scritchscritchscritch. BANG!

“Fuck!” (Of course I said “Fuck!” What else was I gonna say?) I ran downstairs to see who was at the door.

BANG. Scritchscritch BANG!

“I’m coming. Hold it a minute.” I couldn’t see a shape through the blind covered window on the door. “Who is it?” My question was answered with a whimper and a mournful bark. In my rush to hose off the yard and get rid of the bees, I guess Sadie ran outside with me. Too preoccupied in my meditation attempts, I didn’t notice she wasn’t in her usual space in the studio at my feet beneath the desk.

Her nub of a tail wagged when I opened the door. Fortunately Summer finally bowed its angry burning head in favor of the much friendlier climes of Fall. She scampered through my legs over to her water bowl lapping up as much as she could in her tiny little mouth while I made my apologies. I’m sure the only words she noticed were “food” and “treat”, but it made me feel better anyway.







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