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PM October 7, 2012



Dad let me in here. He told me to do this. He showed me how.

I don’t like the blood. It is everywhere now. The people fighting outside I see them from the window.

Mom went out there before I woke up. Dad told me not to look before he shut the door. Im in here by myself.

I didn’t see Jonah. I think I heard him outside but I never seen him.

I need to be quiet so they cant hear me. I don’t want to fight.

It is all blood now. So much blood. Im scared.

Im all alone now.

Im scared.


By Gabriel.






About alexkimmell

i write. sometimes with words. sometimes with sounds. visit me at the novel "the Key to everything" now available on amazon, b&n, iTunes

2 responses to “PM October 7, 2012

  1. EllieAnn ⋅

    Great piece!

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