12:31PM October 6, 2012


Tell me I’m being paranoid. 

Everyone else left to go to a birthday party and I stayed home by myself. Trying to get some work done to prepare for next week’s craziness. Of course my hands wont stop shaking now. Not so easy to type with M.S. And a batch of the heebie jeebies piled on top.

The kid’s trampoline is in the side yard underneath my studio window. I looked out over the yard and after a couple of seconds I saw them. There were only a couple, which is pretty normal being that we live out here in the boonies. Nothing out of the ordinary really. Until my eyes adjusted to the sunlight glaring through the glass.

At first I thought it was a bunch of twigs and broken leaves blowing around in the breeze until I noticed that none of the trees on the other side of the yard were moving at all. Everything stood peaceful and still other than the twitching brown and yellow insects on the tightly stretched round black canvas. My studio windows are down low so I had to lean close to the floor and squint. The bees were flopping around on the trampoline like my kids do when they’re jumping. The few still up in the air darted back and forth and upward and slantways. Some slammed into each other falling to the grass below.

Not cool.

I thought about calling 911, but what would I say?

“Help. There are parasitic zombie fly larvae eating bees from the inside out in my backyard?”

Yeah. They’d send a squad car right over. I got a bridge to sell ya too.

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